Real Weddings: Dion + Kamaree 09.29.13

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… There are SO many reasons I love Dion and Kamaree, they are fun, free spirited, kind, extremely giving (you get the picture) they are the couple that every wedding planner wants to have.  Kam is that Uptown girl and Dion is her laid back Downtown guy, and together they are the PERFECT balance for each other.  Kam has a love for all things Hip Hop and Dion is a lover of his hometown Yankees. What makes their bond so strong is that they are both Wedding/Event Photographers.  I have actually worked with this “dynamic duo” on several weddings.  They bring such a high energetic feel to every couple that they have worked with, which is why I wanted to give them the same experience on their special day. The day was Sept 29, 2013 at the Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta, GA.  The room was draped ever so softly and the alter was covered by beautiful soft pink and white roses.  There were so many beautiful details from beginning to end, it was absolutely breathtaking. The reception was one BIG party.  Seriously, no one wanted to eat, they wanted to dance…The DJ kept the crowd on the floor from the time they came in the room until the venue literally put us out (giggles) “One Sound and Entertainment” is THAT DJ!!! Let’s go ahead and introduce you to the rest of #TeamDobbins 
Cake: Cakes by LaMeeka
DJ: One Sound and Entertainment
Photographer: Chelsea Patricia
Videographer: Focal Blu Media
Venue: The Biltmore Ballrooms
Florist/Decor/Catering: The Avenue
Photo Booth: Famous William
Hotel: Renaissance Midtown Hotel
Band: Groove Centric
Make Up: Celebrity Make Up Artist Toni Acey
Lounge Furniture/Lighting: Luxury Lounge & Lighting

Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting

Wedding Program (Magazine Style)

Wedding Program (Magazine Style)

Kamaree Wedding Day 9

Kamaree Wedding Day 2

Kamaree Wedding Day 11

Photo Booth Fun with the Vendors

Photo Booth Fun with the Vendors



Chronicles of a Wedding Photographer – Bokeh Amore Photography

iPhones & iPads at Weddings
Why photographers HATE iPads/tablets at weddings & events

by Bokeh Amore Photography

This is your special day, you’ve dreamed about this day for a long time. Your first look at him standing there, waiting for you at the altar or you’re standing there in awe of how beautiful your bride looks walking the isle…….. WAIT! Not anymore, unfortunately as you’re cherishing the…se special moment you aren’t able to focus on what is supposed to be your very first time seeing each other in your wedding dress/tuxedo. Your eyes wonder not to the guest that you have invited to share this special moment with you but their phones, iPads, tables and any other picture taking device. …..

The Bride and Groom hire professionals so that they can take their wedding photos. From pre-wedding to ceremony to wedding reception.

You’re invited as a guest to partake in this special moment of their lives, not to be the “iPad-photographers” or “smart-phone photographers” or else they would have paid you for your services.

As professional wedding photographers we feel disrespected by those who make it hard for us to do the job that we were hired to do by the bride and groom. We shouldn’t have to say “excuse me” for you to get out the way. We shouldn’t have to shoot over your shoulder to get the shots we were hired to get. We shouldn’t have to show newlyweds a photo of what would had been an awesome shot but isn’t because of how distracting a 7 in or 10 in screen that is in the way is.

We know you’re excited about your friends/family getting married but leave the photography for the professionals … We promise we will get better quality, clearer and much nicer photos than your tablet, phone or digital camera could ever get.

Please, if you’re invited to a wedding ask yourself this “What if I’ve invested this money, MY money for a professional photographer and all these electronics are in the way”, “Would I be happy with all the distractions?”

As an invited guest be sure to put away your electronics, sit, relax and enjoy the wedding ceremony, first dance, garter toss / bouquet toss. Enjoy the wedding you were invited to be a part of and witness and stop with the electronic nonsense.

– Eva & Tony
Bokeh Amore Photography

Henry + Wendy = Wenry!!!! Sneak Peek 06.01.13

And the day final came, wow what a wedding!!! Sometimes during my initial consultation with a couple I can tell on the spot that I am going to have a great time on the wedding day.  Henry and Wendy are a super fun couple with a family of even funnier family and friends.  Wendy’s love for PURPLE was evident in the decor and could not have been more beautiful.  There were so many cute DIY items at the wedding, Wendy did a GREAT job bringing everything to life.  It was a pleasure working with this couple and I wish them nothing but the BEST in their life together

Vendor Shout Out

Minister: Jacosta Odom

Music/DJ: DJ The One & Only

Videography: Christopher Brock Cinematology

Photography: Christopher Brock Photography

Cake: HHD Desserts

Catering: Sun in my Belly

Makeup Artist: Nia Makeup & Hair

Draping/Lighing: Magnum Lighting

Venue: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Photo Booth: Red Eye Photo Booth

Day of Coordination: Z. Curlett Events








Love Four Two Six: Cook Wedding

The Cooks Wedding DayFinally, after months and months of planning, we executed a GREAT wedding for Gabrail and Melissa Cook. It was a beautiful day in Downtown Decatur…The venue was spectacular (even with the elevator going out the day of the wedding, vendors took things in stride) I want to share with you a “Sneak Peek” picture of the happy couple, more pictures to come soon

Special SHOUT OUT to those that made this day perfect for such a wonderful couple:

Venue: Old Courthouse on the Square (Decatur)
Cakes: Cakes by LaMeeka
DJ: The Smart DJ
Photographer: Social Shots Photography
Videographer: White Dress Media
Catering: Bold American Catering
Stationary: Sandi Spells Designs
Transportation: A Lovely View From Heaven
Florist: Atlanta Wedding Florist
Band: Live Jazz Ensemble
Caricature Artist: Creative Caricatures
Wedding Planner: Z. Curlett Events