Decades of Love: Floyd + Stephanie {April 10, 2014}


Meet “The Wallaces” of Georgia.  I have personally known Stephanie for almost a year now.  Stephanie played a major role as a part of Z. Curlett Events “Dream Team” during our 2013 Wedding Season.  Stephanie is God fearing, extremely talented, a sweetheart to work with and someone that loves and adores her husband.  I am so excited to share with you the story of Floyd and Stephanie, here goes:

Date Married: 04.05.03 (ONE Decade)

Where Did You Meet? We met at his job.  I was picking my uncle up from work and he thought that introducing Floyd to me was a good idea.  Turns out, it was!

1. If you could choose something that represents or symbolizes your marriage, what would that be? A rope with three strands.  That represents, God, Floyd and Me.  It is a covenant between us that is tied together.  There is a knot at the end that will always keep us together.

2. What is your definition of LOVE as it relates to your marriage? Love means having unwavering respect, embracing our individuality, being friends and bringing our “A” game in all aspects of our relationship.

3. What has made your LOVE last for over a DECADE? We truly enjoy each others company as friends and lovers.

4. If you were asked to counsel a young couple, what (4) things would you express to them?

-Communication – which means adequate, honest talks as well as active listening

-Respect – always respect each other especially as the two of you change over the years

-Keep It Fresh – Go on dates, try new things

-Keep Everything in Perspective – There will be times when you may disagree but if you understand that you are in this together  and keep God first, he will give you the proper perspective

5. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: “After a period of time in every marriage the “NEW LOVE” feeling fades” We both said DISAGREE. In a relationship that is ordained by God, there will be changes that will bring about the opportunity to experience love anew.

6. If your MARRIAGE was a movie, which movie would you be?  When Harry Met Sally, its funny, its romantic and its got good and bad times but they always stick together