“The One He Kept for Me” (Erica + Stenio) 08.10.14

When Erica called me late 2013 telling me about her wedding vision and her love for this guy named Stenio, I knew that this was a wedding that I really wanted to work on.  I could hear the LOVE in … Continue reading

Decades of LOVE in Marriage: Nationwide Campaign


As a professional wedding planner I am surrounded by love on a daily basis.  I myself have been married for 21 years to the most amazing husband, father, best friend and confidant.  Young couples sometimes ask me what my secret is to staying married.  This campaign was designed by a fellow wedding planner by the name of Ms. Athena DeVonne of Coalese Creations (Dallas, TX) as a way to put MARRIAGE on the fore front of society. 

When you turn on the television, one of the first things that you encounter is reality shows discussing: who is divorcing who, who has a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side and who is separating.  No more do we want this to be the “IN” thing to talk about.  We want to discuss what it takes to experience longevity in your marriage.  We want to see what others did to stay married for a decade or longer.

Myself along with dozens of other wedding planners have joined together on this campaign.  For the next (30) days we will each post/highlight a different story of a couple who has been married at least a DECADE.  If you yourself or you know someone who has shared a decade of love in marriage I would love to share your story in the goal of touching the lives and hearts of newly engaged and newly wed couples.  As well as to anyone just needing to hear … love is strong and exists! 

Here is what you have to do:

1. Email us in the subject line include “Decades of Love

2. Once received we will email you the questionnaire to fill out and return to us along with a picture of your sweetie

3. We will then give you confirmation of what day your story will be on our BLOG as well as Facebook Business Page. As an added incentive to participate Z. Curlett Events is giving the couple that receives the most LIKES a $50.00 Visa Gift Card

I challenge you all to make a difference in the marriage of all of newly married and recently engaged couples…Let’s show them that marriage does in fact WORK!!!!!