Engagement Session (Lewis + Giles)






There is nothing more beautiful than “Young Love” It puts a instant smile on my face to see two people genuinely in love with life and each other.  When Lawonna and Brandon met several years ago they would have never imagined that they would one day be getting married. Please enjoy their engagement session that was taken in the beautiful city of Little Rock, Arkansas.  The wedding theme is “Love & Basketball” to incorporate both L + B LOVE for each other and for the game of basketball

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Wedding Wednesday: Vendor Spotlight – Samantha Reese Makeup

Z. Curlett Events is starting a new series each Wednesday to feature a different vendor that we work with or hope to work with in 2014.  To start things off our FIRST vendor is none other than: Samantha Reese – Makeup and Hair.  Let’s meet Samantha and find out what this vendor is doing in and around Atlanta

1.  How long have you been in business Samantha?

— Believe it or not, just (2) short years

2. Tell us what we should know about Samantha.

— Well, I was born in Florida, raised in Michigan, and lived in Los Angeles for 7 years, before moving to Atlanta in 2012. I’ve ALWAYS had an affinity for hair and makeup, and harbored a mild obsession for weddings! I have over 10 years experience doing hair and makeup, but I officially decided to become a full time professional makeup artist in 2012

3. What makes you different from other Makeup Artists in the Atlanta area?

— I think I differ from a lot of other bridal makeup artists, and most definitely in this market, is my versatility. I can do everything from the very clean, “barely there” makeup to full on “Glamazon” bridal makeup.

4. Why should brides hire Samantha Reese?

— Because your wedding day, and how you look walking down the aisle and in those photos that you will one day show to your grandchildren, is just as important to me, as it is to you.

5. What services do you offer to brides? Do you have a specialty?

— I love hair styling and Makeup for all special occasions, Bridal consultations, and private makeup lessons. I also have an extensive background in film/tv, runway/print and other special occasions.

6. Who is your ideal client?

— Someone who is excited about the experience, open to and trusting of me and my creativity.

7.  Do you travel or are all of your clients in and around Atlanta?

— No,  we will absolutely travel!

8. How can brides reach you?

— I can be reached by either Email: SReese6@gmail.com or by Phone: (310) 597-6825.  Give me a call to discuss your special day.

9.  Are you on Social Media?  Can you share with the Brides how they can see your work?

Facebook: Samantha Reese Makeup Artistry

Instagram: @SamIam_mua

Website: http://www.SamanthaReese.com

10. Thank you Samantha for taking the time to talk to us!  We look forward to a great working relationship with you.  Your work is amazing and I can’t wait to introduce you to my Brides.

— You’re welcome and I’m excited to work with you too!






Photography Credit {John English Photography & Julie Anne Neil}

Z. Curlett Events

Pantones 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid


This year, Pantone felt the best match for the warm hue it was seeing was “radiant orchid,” a color appearing in its color guide between “iris orchid” and “spring crocus.” Deeper shades of purple have been on the upswing as well; Sherwin-Williams recently announced its 2014 Color of the Year is a murky violet called “exclusive plum.”

Can’t wait to see which one of my 2014 brides will chose this sexy color for their nuptials.  This color can pair well with so many options


12 Reasons NOT to become a Wedding Planner (Courtesy of Planners Lounge)

There is no doubt that being a wedding planner can be fun and incredibly rewarding.  Going to catering and cake tastings, choosing linens and helping clients decide on the perfect centerpieces are absolutely fun.  Seeing months of hard work come together on a perfect wedding day is one of the most rewarding experiences many planners experience in their careers. Being a wedding planner also has great perks such as being invited to all the industry parties, going to uber fun conferences and staying at incredible hotels while you “tour” the event space.  We also get to work with wonderful clients on one of the most important days in their life.  Having a career as a wedding planner can seem pretty glamorous but there are definitely reasons why you wouldn’t want to become a wedding planner.  There are days when I can hardly believe I get paid to do something I love so much but there are also days when there is not enough money in the world to make me plan or coordinate a particular wedding again.   Here are twelve things to seriously consider before you start a career as a wedding planner:

1.  Weekend and evening work

Weekend events and evening client meetings take time away from family and friends.  Being a wedding planner means having a work schedule that doesn’t match the standard 9-5 week day gig. If you own your business, you can set boundaries to help with this and plan other types of events to balance your schedule.  However the reality is that 95% of weddings happen on Saturdays and many of your clients need to meet after work for planning meetings.

2. Physical and mental hard work

Working on the wedding day is HARD work.   I remember my first wedding so well… I was beyond excited to work with my first clients but had no idea I would be so completely exhausted at the end of the night.  Spending 10-15 hours on your feet and being mentally “on” is exhausting no matter how good of shape you are in.  And it gets harder as you get older.

3.  Wedding hangover

It’s how you feel the day after a wedding. It’s like you ran a race then went out drinking all night. In reality, you are dehydrated, sore and tired from working a wedding (see #2).

4.  Tough clients

As much as you try to weed out the clients who aren’t your ideal clients, there will be some who slip through the cracks. Having difficult clients can take its toll mentally.  It’s already a stressful job but when you have clients who add to that stress, you will question why you chose this career.  You have to be able to walk away from the wrong client when your intuition tells you something is wrong.

5.  Emotional connection

It’s an intense  industry with emotional brides and emotional mothers on a very emotional day.  Many planners grow close to their clients which means you work harder because you care so much (this is a good thing).  On the flip side, it is hard not to take it personally if something goes wrong or if your clients are not 100% happy with your services or ideas.   If you get your feelings hurt easily, this might not be the profession for you.

6.  It’s not your wedding

Working with clients means making THEIR dream and vision come true.  This can be a challenge for some event planners who want to keep recreating their own wedding or imposing their vision on clients.  You will end up planning a wedding that doesn’t fit your style or taste and you have to be okay with that.

7. Extreme patience

If you don’t have patience, determination and thick skin, a career in wedding planning is probably not a good fit.  It will take a few years before you are comfortable in your business and comfortable working with brides.  Then it will take a few more years to get your name established, make a decent living and start seeing referrals.

8. You are not a “people” person

Planners work with many different kinds of clients and vendors.  The wedding industry is very social and being a planner is probably the most social vendor category in the industry.  If you are introverted, shy or don’t like to be around people, being a planner could be a difficult career choice.  This isn’t to say that you can’t overcome those personality traits but it is something to consider.  Being an event planner may be the encouragement you need to overcome shyness.

9. Not able to handle stress

Being an event coordinator was just listed on Forbes.com as the 6th most stressful career. Out of ALL careers!  Many of us choose this career because we thrive on the excitement, the challenge and the madness that happens on the wedding day.  We live to solve problems, keep everything on time and manage 20+ vendors without breaking a sweat.  If you can handle stress AND keep your cool,  this might be a good career for you.

10.  Multi-tasking and organization

Being a wedding planner takes multi-tasking and organization to a whole new level.  Not only do you have to multi-task and remember the million things on your mind, you have to think and act quickly.  During the planning process, you could be working with 10-20 different couples at a time. If you aren’t extremely organized, it will show in your work and in your reputation.

11.  Ego

Confidence in yourself is a big key to your success in event planning.   A big ego is not.

12.  No passion

Don’t embark on a wedding planning career unless you are passionate about it.  To be successful and thrive, you have to LOVE what you do.  Many planners make incredible sacrifices to be successful.  This just doesn’t happen without BIG passion.  Along with passion, integrity is just as important.


Please find more helpful information at http://www.plannerslounge.com


Mason Jars, Lace and Burlap..Oh My!

Vintage Decor

We are so terribly in love with all things VINTAGE. From Lace to Mason Jars to Burlap to Old Glasses, this trend is sure to stay around for a long time. We had the pleasure of working with a bride recently who chose the theme “Vintage Romance” and we can not wait to get our hands on those pictures, until then please enjoy the inspiration pics that I found via Pinterest.  What is your favorite theme currently?



Vintage Birdcage Card Holder

Pictures courtesy of {Pinterest}

Real Weddings: Dion + Kamaree 09.29.13

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… There are SO many reasons I love Dion and Kamaree, they are fun, free spirited, kind, extremely giving (you get the picture) they are the couple that every wedding planner wants to have.  Kam is that Uptown girl and Dion is her laid back Downtown guy, and together they are the PERFECT balance for each other.  Kam has a love for all things Hip Hop and Dion is a lover of his hometown Yankees. What makes their bond so strong is that they are both Wedding/Event Photographers.  I have actually worked with this “dynamic duo” on several weddings.  They bring such a high energetic feel to every couple that they have worked with, which is why I wanted to give them the same experience on their special day. The day was Sept 29, 2013 at the Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta, GA.  The room was draped ever so softly and the alter was covered by beautiful soft pink and white roses.  There were so many beautiful details from beginning to end, it was absolutely breathtaking. The reception was one BIG party.  Seriously, no one wanted to eat, they wanted to dance…The DJ kept the crowd on the floor from the time they came in the room until the venue literally put us out (giggles) “One Sound and Entertainment” is THAT DJ!!! Let’s go ahead and introduce you to the rest of #TeamDobbins 
Cake: Cakes by LaMeeka
DJ: One Sound and Entertainment
Photographer: Chelsea Patricia
Videographer: Focal Blu Media
Venue: The Biltmore Ballrooms
Florist/Decor/Catering: The Avenue
Photo Booth: Famous William
Hotel: Renaissance Midtown Hotel
Band: Groove Centric
Make Up: Celebrity Make Up Artist Toni Acey
Lounge Furniture/Lighting: Luxury Lounge & Lighting

Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting

Wedding Program (Magazine Style)

Wedding Program (Magazine Style)

Kamaree Wedding Day 9

Kamaree Wedding Day 2

Kamaree Wedding Day 11

Photo Booth Fun with the Vendors

Photo Booth Fun with the Vendors



Wedding Wire Press Release 2013

Z. Curlett Events earns the WeddingWire Rated™ Silver Badge by Increasing Quantity of Newlywed Reviews

{Atlanta, Georgia} – {July 31, 2013} – WeddingWire, the nation’s leading online wedding marketplace, is pleased to announce that Z. Curlett Events has received the WeddingWire Rated™ Silver badge for excellence in Wedding Planning!

The esteemed WeddingWire Rated™ program recognizes wedding professionals who have received positive newlywed reviews of their business on WeddingWire.  Since receiving additional wedding reviews, Z. Curlett Events is now positioned at the Rated™ Silver Level. The program recognizes businesses across more than 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, and requires a minimum of three reviews and an average review score of 3.5 stars or higher.

Within the WeddingWire Rated™ program, there are five levels that wedding professionals can attain based on the number of reviews they receive (Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black).  The WeddingWire Rated™ Silver badge is reached when a business has received twenty five or more wedding reviews.

As a business on WeddingWire, Z. Curlett Event’s advancement to the Rated™ Silver  Level is an impressive milestone, illustrating the business’ commitment to providing clients with a positive experience.  As the world’s largest wedding review site with over one million reviews, WeddingWire is comprised of over 200,000 wedding professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

“Z. Curlett Events advancement to the Silver Level is an achievement worth celebrating, especially given the growing importance of online reviews,” said Sonny Ganguly, Chief Marketing Officer, WeddingWire.  “WeddingWire is thrilled to honor their sustained commitment and dedication to gathering positive reviews from their clients. We are excited to honor them for this powerful milestone for their business.”

“Zephanie is thrilled to have received the WeddingWire Rated™ Silver badge for Wedding & Event Planning in Atlanta, Georgia. It is our chief objective to provide positive experiences for our clients, and we would like to thank them for taking the time to review our business on WeddingWire.  Each review allows potential clients to see that we are committed to consistently providing excellent service.  We look forward to obtaining the next Rated™ level in the future with additional reviews.”

For more information about Z. Curlett Events, please visit the website at http://www.ZCurlettEvents.com


To learn more about the WeddingWire Rated™ program, please visit  http://wed.li/ratedinfo

About WeddingWire, Inc.
WeddingWire®, the nation’s leading marketplace serving the $70 billion wedding industry, is the only online wedding planning resource designed to empower both engaged couples and wedding professionals. For engaged couples, WeddingWire offers the ability to search, compare and book over 200,000 reviewed wedding vendors, from wedding venues to wedding photographers. WeddingWire also offers a comprehensive suite of online planning tools for weddings, including wedding websites and wedding checklists, all at no charge. For wedding professionals, WeddingWire is the only all-in-one marketing platform for businesses online and on-the-go. WeddingWire offers one simple solution to build a professional network, improve search visibility, manage social media and reach mobile consumers. Businesses that advertise with WeddingWire appear on WeddingWire.com, ProjectWedding.com and other leading sites, including MarthaStewartWeddings.com, Brides.com and Weddingbee.com.



Lion King Themed Baby Shower

From the first meeting with the mommy and daddy-to-be I knew that this was not going to be your every day, average, cookie cutter baby shower.  From the beginning Dami (mommy) made it clear that she wanted something different and sort of over the top from the norm.  They wanted to walk in and feel as if they were in the jungle. 


The tables were decorated in black satin linen with safari print plates and centerpieces. 


The guests were entertained by African Dancers that gave a very  festive performance to welcome mommy and daddy in to kick off the shower


A big hit was the custom Dessert Buffet that we designed for Dami and Dale


Everyone loved the Photo Booth!!!


Proud Mommy & Daddy of “Baby King”


Maternity Shoot…Isn’t she beautiful!!!


Photo Credit  {Clearly Focused Media Works, LLC }

Henry + Wendy = Wenry!!!! Sneak Peek 06.01.13

And the day final came, wow what a wedding!!! Sometimes during my initial consultation with a couple I can tell on the spot that I am going to have a great time on the wedding day.  Henry and Wendy are a super fun couple with a family of even funnier family and friends.  Wendy’s love for PURPLE was evident in the decor and could not have been more beautiful.  There were so many cute DIY items at the wedding, Wendy did a GREAT job bringing everything to life.  It was a pleasure working with this couple and I wish them nothing but the BEST in their life together

Vendor Shout Out

Minister: Jacosta Odom

Music/DJ: DJ The One & Only

Videography: Christopher Brock Cinematology

Photography: Christopher Brock Photography

Cake: HHD Desserts

Catering: Sun in my Belly

Makeup Artist: Nia Makeup & Hair

Draping/Lighing: Magnum Lighting

Venue: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Photo Booth: Red Eye Photo Booth

Day of Coordination: Z. Curlett Events








Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Vintage Candy BuffetWe were recently hired by a couple thats getting married in October. One of the first things the bride told me was “She was infatuated with all things Country, Vintage and Rustic” She expressed to me her love for Burlap, Lace, Wood, Iron, etc. As she told me her vision for her wedding my mouth literally began to water because I have been dying to design this theme!

I found this photo on Pinterest and will be using as my inspiration in designing her Dream Wedding