Graduation Photo Session: Chris Curlett

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Real Weddings: Brian + Jenaya

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Decades of Love: Floyd + Stephanie {April 10, 2014}


Meet “The Wallaces” of Georgia.  I have personally known Stephanie for almost a year now.  Stephanie played a major role as a part of Z. Curlett Events “Dream Team” during our 2013 Wedding Season.  Stephanie is God fearing, extremely talented, a sweetheart to work with and someone that loves and adores her husband.  I am so excited to share with you the story of Floyd and Stephanie, here goes:

Date Married: 04.05.03 (ONE Decade)

Where Did You Meet? We met at his job.  I was picking my uncle up from work and he thought that introducing Floyd to me was a good idea.  Turns out, it was!

1. If you could choose something that represents or symbolizes your marriage, what would that be? A rope with three strands.  That represents, God, Floyd and Me.  It is a covenant between us that is tied together.  There is a knot at the end that will always keep us together.

2. What is your definition of LOVE as it relates to your marriage? Love means having unwavering respect, embracing our individuality, being friends and bringing our “A” game in all aspects of our relationship.

3. What has made your LOVE last for over a DECADE? We truly enjoy each others company as friends and lovers.

4. If you were asked to counsel a young couple, what (4) things would you express to them?

-Communication – which means adequate, honest talks as well as active listening

-Respect – always respect each other especially as the two of you change over the years

-Keep It Fresh – Go on dates, try new things

-Keep Everything in Perspective – There will be times when you may disagree but if you understand that you are in this together  and keep God first, he will give you the proper perspective

5. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: “After a period of time in every marriage the “NEW LOVE” feeling fades” We both said DISAGREE. In a relationship that is ordained by God, there will be changes that will bring about the opportunity to experience love anew.

6. If your MARRIAGE was a movie, which movie would you be?  When Harry Met Sally, its funny, its romantic and its got good and bad times but they always stick together


Marriage Does Work: Staying Married


Some people will spend months and even years planning their “Dream Wedding”.  Picking the right flowers, the perfect venue, their favorite flavor of cake: and the list goes on.  Those same people stress for months about who will come, who will forget and who just simply is not going to be invited.  Then comes time to plan the honeymoon, will we select a European vacation or should we take a cruise around the Caribbean? Paris will be nice in the spring.  So many decisions have to be made….

Now the big day has come and gone…

All of your many gifts have been unpacked, you are looking at the wedding video with a heart full of joy; you’ve married the man or woman of your dreams…

Fast forward 10 years: What are you doing to make LOVE last? Are you reminding each other with sexy little notes, are you scheduling a date night once a week, are you spending quality time cuddling watching old movies? It doesn’t matter what you do to keep the flames burning as long as you do something!!!

The easy part is getting married, let’s put more focus on staying that way!

Z. Curlett Events

Photo: Pinterest 



Gabrail + Melissa: “A Celebration of Love”

Married: 04.26.13
Venue: Old Courthouse on the Square
City: Decatur, GA
Theme: “All Things Atlanta”
Coordinator: Z. Curlett Events
Video Credit: White Dress Media

Decades of Love: Lorenzo & Robyn Thomas – April 2, 2014


Lorenzo & Robyn Thomas (Established 1994) TWO Decades of Marriage


Let me introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Thomas.  They are on their second DECADE of Love and was very eager to share their story, Here goes!

Married: June 12, 1994

State of Residence: Alabama

Q: If you could choose something that represents or symbolizes your relationship, what would that be? I would say a “Phoenix”.  A Phoenix symbolizes renewal, heavenly life, the exceptional man and certain aspects of Christian Life.  Which I can say represents us. 

Q: What is your definition of LOVE as it relates to your marriage? Love is being able to love someone through the good, the bad and the ugly.  It is not giving up on him or her and loving without giving it a second thought

Q: What makes your LOVE last after all of these years? Our LOVE has lasted the test of time because we still look at each other the same way we did when we first met in 1993.  We still sneak away for secret kisses and are constantly giving each other romantic glances and winks from across the room

Q: If you were asked to counsel a newly married or recently engaged couple, what (3) things would you express to them (in making LOVE last? (1) Your marriage should ALWAYS include God, each other and no one else (2) Learn to enjoy the simple things in life, it will help especially during the tougher times (3) Always find things to laugh about.  Laughter is good for the soul.  You don’t have to always be so serious about everything.

Q: Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with the following statement “After a period of time in every marriage, the “New Love” feeling fades? (Please explain your answer) I agree, just like anything new after a while you begin to loose interest…But this is when you have to try new things to keep it SPICY and regenerate that flame!

Decades of Love: Tracy & Stephanie Jenkins – April 1, 2014

I would like to introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Jenkins.  I met Tracy when we were both stationed overseas in the military in 1992, so it is with great pleasure that the “Jenkins” are the FIRST couple that I highlight in the “Decades of Love” campaign

Married: 07.07.2000 (21 years)

State of Residence: Georgia

Q: If you could choose something that represents or symbolizes your relationship, what would that be? Having a “Open-End Heart”

Q: What is your definition of LOVE as it relates to your marriage? There’s not just one thing.  But when someone else is willing to put self aside to make sure their significant other s happy, that’s love.

Q: What makes your LOVE last after all of these years? Communication and Compromise is the key

Q: If you were asked to counsel a newly married or recently engaged couple, what (3) things would you express to them (in making LOVE last)? (1) Communication, talk to each other often (2) Set time aside for each other, don’t get too busy with other things (3) Compromise on things when possible

Q: Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with the following statement “After a period of time in every marriage, the NEW LOVE feeling fades” (Please explain your answer) Disagree.  If it fades, you’ve stopped paying attention to your mate.  I find new things to love about my husband all of the time.  That “new” information causes me to fall in love with him again and again and again.


Tracy & Stephanie Jenkins (Established 2000) ONE Decade of Marriage


Decades of LOVE in Marriage: Nationwide Campaign


As a professional wedding planner I am surrounded by love on a daily basis.  I myself have been married for 21 years to the most amazing husband, father, best friend and confidant.  Young couples sometimes ask me what my secret is to staying married.  This campaign was designed by a fellow wedding planner by the name of Ms. Athena DeVonne of Coalese Creations (Dallas, TX) as a way to put MARRIAGE on the fore front of society. 

When you turn on the television, one of the first things that you encounter is reality shows discussing: who is divorcing who, who has a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side and who is separating.  No more do we want this to be the “IN” thing to talk about.  We want to discuss what it takes to experience longevity in your marriage.  We want to see what others did to stay married for a decade or longer.

Myself along with dozens of other wedding planners have joined together on this campaign.  For the next (30) days we will each post/highlight a different story of a couple who has been married at least a DECADE.  If you yourself or you know someone who has shared a decade of love in marriage I would love to share your story in the goal of touching the lives and hearts of newly engaged and newly wed couples.  As well as to anyone just needing to hear … love is strong and exists! 

Here is what you have to do:

1. Email us in the subject line include “Decades of Love

2. Once received we will email you the questionnaire to fill out and return to us along with a picture of your sweetie

3. We will then give you confirmation of what day your story will be on our BLOG as well as Facebook Business Page. As an added incentive to participate Z. Curlett Events is giving the couple that receives the most LIKES a $50.00 Visa Gift Card

I challenge you all to make a difference in the marriage of all of newly married and recently engaged couples…Let’s show them that marriage does in fact WORK!!!!!


Happy Groom + Happy Bride = Happy Planner


There is absolutely nothing like having a happy couple on the wedding day.   With so many last minute details and running around, the day of the wedding can be quite stressful (to say the least).  It puts the biggest smile on my face when I see that the bride and groom are both “Stress Free, Worry Free and Pressure Free”.

I had the biggest chuckle when I received these pictures from our photographer, Chelsea Patricia…She captured a silly moment from our September 2013 groom, shortly before the ceremony.  I love it when a groom is relaxed and laid back with not a care in the world (makes a planners job just that much easier) LOL

Photo Cred {Chelsea Patricia Photography}

Z. Curlett Events

The Great Debate Continues: First Look or Not


According to tradition, it is considered bad luck for the bride to be seen by the groom before the ceremony.  In days when marriages were arranged they rarely saw one another as “dating” was not a custom.

The lifting of the veil at the end of the ceremony symbolizes male dominance.  If the bride takes the initiative in lifting it, thereby presenting herself to him, she is showing more independence. 

In some Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, the veil was worn to hide the brides face completely from the groom who had never seen her. Only after they were married would the groom be allowed the lift the veil to see his new wife’s face.”

In the earliest times, some brides were even kidnapped — barely one step removed from the caveman bonking his chosen fiance over the head with a club. Marriage by purchase was quite common, where the bride was exchanged for land, political alliance, social status and/or currency. These negotiations were carried out by the parents of the bride and groom, with the “happy couple” having no say in the matter whatsoever. Indeed, the Anglo-Saxon word “wedd” meant the groom would vow to marry the woman – and that the bartered goods and/or currency would go directly to the bride’s father. Often the groom’s family informed him that he was to marry…but very rarely let him see the bride. After all, if the groom didn’t like the bride’s looks, he might not agree to the marriage. With this in mind, the father of the bride gave the bride away to the groom who then lifted the veil to see his wife of all eternity for the first time. 

In short, the wedding was little more than the purchase of a bride for breeding purposes. Not a particularly liberated point of view, but this tradition, like many other quirky wedding customs, is remembered and still symbolized today.

My personal opinion: I love the idea of the “First Look” it lends the opportunity for the bride and groom to share a few moments of intimate time prior to the start of the event.  Once the event begins until they are walking to the limo at the end of the night, there is NO ALONE time…Cameras flashing, Guests hugging and Toast after Toast after Toast (giggles) I recommend “The First Look” to my clients but ultimately leave the decision to them.  I feel it is my obligation to provide each couple with both the Pros & Cons of having the first look and then stepping back to leave the decision up to them

Z. Curlett Events