Graduation Photo Session: Chris Curlett

Class of 2016: Norcross High School

This day was exceptionally special because of all of the Graduation Photo Sessions that I have coordinated over the years none have brought me more joy than this one right here.  This Class of 2016 grad is none other than my own son, Christopher Curlett.  Chris will be graduating May 28, 2016 from Norcross High School in Norcross, Georgia.

Chris is a Varsity Basketball player.  He is a combo guard wearing jersey #2.  He loves Math and Science.  When he is not on the court playing basketball he is playing NBA 2K16 on his PS4.  He loves French Fries, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sour Skittles.

After graduation Chris plans to attend college to further his education and basketball career.  He has not chosen a school yet as he is still currently being recruited.  His goal is to major in Sports Medicine or Physical Therapy

Photography | The Price Approach Photography |

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